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About Leslie.

Leslie Groulx, a life-long resident of the community of Clearwater, BC, is known as a true community connector. Groulx served as Chief Administrative Officer for ten (10) years, Corporate Officer and Economic  Development Officer inclusive for a total of 13 years. In these positions, and as a community volunteer, she has a proven track record in facilitating opportunity and community growth. In her capacity with the District of Clearwater, and drive to build a sustainable community through Place Making, Groulx initiated and led the development of several community programs and infrastructure capital projects—resulting in economic growth during an economic downturn. Among these are the “Forestry Working” group which became recognized by the province as leading edge for community engagement in the forest industry; Community Recreation and Healthy Living Program; designation as an Age Friendly Community; to name a few. 


Leslie has worked with the development community to encourage growth, including the Jim Pattison Group (Buylow Foods, Tim Hortons), attracting a signature hotel (Best Western), negotiations of significant injection of community infrastructure as a community impact benefit from Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion. She has also navigated several subdivision developments resulting in an increase of millions of dollars in property assessment values.

Under her lead, the community benefited from the expansion of sewer capacity and underground connectivity of both sewer and water lines enabling the development and growth into two underserved areas of Clearwater. She spearheaded the development, adoption and implementation of an alternative transportation bylaw which received national recognition by the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers in 2013 for rural active transportation. Groulx advocated for and worked with community stakeholders to facilitate increased access to transit services for better community and regional connectivity. Groulx has also been instrumental in obtaining grant fundings for the development of accessible, paved pathways as part of her role on the local trails committee; and the build of two bio- energy heating systems.

Under Leslie’s leadership the District of Clearwater has received over $28 million in grant funding in 10 years and receipt of five (5) community excellence awards both provincial and regional.




In the position as interim CAO, Leslie was tasked with rebuilding the municipal foundation after the devastating fire in June 2021 where 90% of the down town core was lost. Reproduction of foundational bylaws, policies, and procedures for the Village was quickly underway. Leading and working with the Recovery Team, Municipal Policy Advisor, EMBC and Municipal Affairs, the team developed an operational workplan with corresponding budget requirements for the purposes of executing the Short-Term Recovery Plan. Upon the recruitment of the permanent CAO, Leslie continued to assist as an advisor to the CAO for 4 months. 

Reviews, Plans, & Workshops

  • Village of Lytton—Operational Workplan for Short Term Recovery

  • Village of Lytton—Interim CAO/Director of Recovery (Nov. 21–June 22)

  • Village of Lumby—Business Case Analysis (ICBC/MV Services) (2021)

  • Village of Lumby—Wage Compensation Review: Office Staff (2021)

  • District of Clearwater—Strategic Plans (2015-2018; 2020-2021)

  • District of Clearwater—Organizational Review (2018)

  • District of Clearwater—Corporate Management Plan (2017, 2019)

  • District of Clearwater—Staff Adjustment Plan (2014)

  • District of Clearwater—Department Review Public Works (2012)


  • Southern Interior Silviculture Committee—Surviving Forestry Downturn (2021)

  • Canadian BioEnergy Conference: 2020—Success Story

  • UBCM: 2019 Small Talk Forum—Economic Development/Place Making

  • UBCM: 2018 Small Talk Forum—Bio Energy System (Success Story)

  • SILGA: 2017 Age Friendly Plan (implementation)

  • Capilano University / UVic / UBCO / BC Healthy Communities, 2014 & 2015 Active Transportation Bylaw

  • Clearwater Rotary Club & Clearwater and District Chamber of Commerce
    —Annual presentation on Economic Development and municipal annual report

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